South West Road Runners Race Reports

Each week, members of South West Road Runners participate in races across the South West, UK and occasionally the World. This page showcases their personal achievements – whether running for fun, the challenge, for charity or racing competitively.

Week commencing Monday 1st July 2019. Report by Julie Hedges.

Tuesday 2nd at the 4th round of City Runs 5k summer series first SWRR to cross the line was Ollie Thorogood in 16.50, Miko Cadedou 16.56, Ed Pickering 1st M45 , 17.18, Jamie Howard 17.28, James Benham 18.16, Shaun Vanstone 18.21, Tim Landy 18.30, Scott Hunter 18.46, Richard Pedrick 18.50, Ethan Sterry 18.59, Jamie Pullinger 19.15,James Woolf 19.40 1st M50, Paul Stidworthy 19.44 PB , Dom Stacey 19.54, PB, Jason Hockridge 19.57, Barry Frost 20.05 1st V60, Andy Macmillan 20.13,John Major 20.31, Alister Ferguson 20.46,Karl Schultze 20.59, Jim Durston 21.01,Adrian Davey 21.08, Richard Stone 21.18, Suzie Todh 21.19, Lisa Cruise 21.46,Ian White 22.07, Jemma Marsh 22.25, David Nicholls 22.31,Stephen Collier 22.38, Laurence Atherton , Laura Nichols 24.44, Yusra -Zara Salman 24.48, Caroline Tait 25.17,

The Erme Valley Relays on Friday 5th July saw SWRR coming away with plenty of prizes and bottles of wine
Team prizes went to
3rd Senior Male team in a combined time of 54.03
Sam Hopton 12.44,Nick Bruce -White 14.25, Miko Cadeddu 13.36, Ollie Thorogood 13.18
1st FV35 team in a total time of 67.28
Victoria Hill 15.47 PB Suzie Tosh PB , 17.34,Jane Newman 17.56, Amy Jones 16.11
1st MV60 team combined time of 79.38
David Evans 20.13,Tony Gale 20.50, Geoff Smith 19.59,Lewis Jones 18.38

Other SWRRs taking part were
Hamish Fletcher-Cooney 14.05,Jamie Howard 14.09, Joe Osborne 14.14, Ash Voraila 14.39, Shaun Vanstone 14.52, James Benham 14.59,Scott Hunter 14.59, Don Rufus 15.12,Tim Vialls 15.15,Dave Wilson 15.17, James Woolf 15.20,Julian Cabrera 15.21,Harry German 15.21,Jamie Pullinger 15.28, Dan Grey 15.46,Paul Thomas 15.46,Jason Hockridge 15.47, Paul Stidworthy 15.57, Fiona German 16.03 PB,Beccy Williams 16.30,John Major 16.33,Richard Stone 16.58 PB,Karl Schultz 17.08,Ian White 17.15,Emma German 17.35 PB,David Nicholls 18.21,Stephen Collier 18.27, Julie Hedges 18.41,Karen Cook 19.39,Yusra-Zara Salman 20.00,Lynda Garcia 20.37,Donna Smith 21.17,

3 SWRRs took park in the the tough off road Charmouth Challenge 8 mile fell run which climbs to the highest point on the south coast taking in breathing views from the Golden Cap
Andy MacMillan 1.18:39,
Lynda Garcia 1.29:10,
Tracy Connor 1.32:32.

Richard Pedrick was also 2nd overall in the Moreton marathon in 3.21:04

James Higgins completed Ham and Lyme 50k in 6h21!

Results from Sunday 30th June
North Devon AONB Marathon
9th overall was Richard Pedrick 3.53.09 , Neil Adger 5:31:31 and Rob Scovell finished the half marathon in 2:21:45.

Week Commencing Monday 10th June. Report by Andy MacMillan.

There was a veritable plethora of races for SWRR last week, covering just about every possible distance!

Thursday evening saw the ever-popular 3.6 mile Dawlish Coastal Dash, in which Jamie Howard came 4th overall in 23:02, followed by Milan Goc in 24:11, Andy MacMillan 26:41, Ross Stevens 27:02, Jo Pearce 27:14 (1st female overall), Debra Stevens 30:17, Lee Cusick 32:18, Jenny Debenham 32:19, Danielle Cox 33:35, Lindsey Pattinson 33:38, John Kavanagh 34:34, Katie Williams 35:16, and Anita Atherton 39:05.

The following evening was all about the inaugural Haldon 3K Relays, in which SWRR supplied 15 of the competing 59 teams of four! The team highlights were SWRR3 senior men’s team finishing second overall (Davies, Gibson, Cadeddu, Hopton), and category wins for SWRR5 MV40 (Howard, Rufus, Somers, Pickering), SWRR1 MV50 (Everson, Thomas, Einchcomb, Vialls), SWRR13 FV45 (Van Pring, Smith, Belshaw, Marsh), SWRR9 MV60 (Evans, Frost, Smith, Jones) and SWRR12 FV55 (Hedges, Furness, Van der Linden, Smith). Individual times were Sam Hopton 9:39, Gwylym Gibson 10:02, Miko Cadeddu 10:23, Ed Pickering 10:27, Alex Crump 10:43, Jamie Howard 10:49, Joe Osborne 10:50, Ash Voralia 10:43, Nicky Savill 11:10, David Wilson 11:13, James Bentham 11:17, Don Rufus 11:27, Ed Shaw 11:31, Nick Einchcomb 11:32, Tim Vialls 11:32, Nicky Savill 11:33, Richard Everson 11:34, Gareth Davies 11:36, Paul Thomas 11:47, Paul Stidworthy 11:59, Andy MacMillan 12:02, Rob Somers 12:08, Dan Grey 12:09, Fiona German 12:14, Chloe Fox 12:25, Lee Hedges 12:28, Adrian Davey 12:34, Barry Frost 12:37, Becky Davies 12:38, Beccy Williams 12:42, Suzie Tosh 12:49, Ian White 12:52, Lisa Marie Cruise 13:01, Trudi Smith 13:09, David Nicholls 13:11, Naomi Shaw 13:20, Jemma Marsh 13:20, Mike Feighan 13:23, Emma German 13:24, Joe Dickson 13:21, Roz Debenham 13:44, Mike Kay 13:52, Julie Hedges 14:01, Lewis Jones 14:19, Lawrence Atherton 14:25, Karen Cook 14:30, Tracey Lloyd 14:32, Geoff Smith 14:34, Jules Van Pring 14:41, Jenny Debenham 14:43, Laura Nicholls 14:51, Katie Williams 14:56, Dave Evans 14:58, Yusra-Zara Salman 14:59, Julie Belshaw 15:04, Vanda Van der Linden 15:04, Gail Furness 15:22, Donna Smith 15:56, and Sarah Taffler 16:02.

Saturday was somewhat unsurprisingly a little quieter, however Lisa Palin completed 7 laps of the Hope24 race for a total of 35 miles in 6.50:00, whilst Richard Pedrick completed 6 laps of the Endure24 race to rack up 30 miles in 4.26:17. The Burrator Horseshoe fell race saw strong performances from Milan Goc 48:22, Ed Shaw 52:16, Naomi Shaw 58:27, David Nicholls 1.02:30 and Laura Nicholls 1.09:43, and last but by no means least Neil Adger completed the very hilly Exmoor Maverick Half Marathon in 2.25:52.

The weekend was rounded off with another clutch of races, starting with Exeter’s own Age UK 10K which was won by Sam Hopton in 35:43 and which also saw Jamie Howard finish third in 37:10 and Chloe Fox be the first female home in 42:37. Other finishers were Nick Bruce White 37:38, Tim Vialls 38:58 (1st MV55), Scott Hunter 40:23, Kieran Ferris 43:48, Rob Graham 44:43, Richard Stone 44:51, Lisa Marie Cruise 44:51, Suzie Tosh 45:13 (PB and 1st FV40), Lawrence Atherton 50:57, Tony Howell 51:00, Julie Belshaw 51:41 (PB), Caroline Tait 52:31, James Eustice 53:04, Yusra-Zara Salman 53:16, Jules Van Pring 54:11, Mark Tait 55:11, Sarah Taffler 56:49, Alice Wimberley 57:58, Russ Penberthy 59:11, Linda Gethin 1.01:30, Martin Saxton 1.01:50, Liana King 1.03:53, Melly Perkin 1.04:21, Naomi Cronk 1.06:42, Sharon Vialls, 1.06:47, and Karen MacMillan 1.15:01. Farther afield, Geoff Smith and Donna Smith ran the Martock 10K in 50:57 and 54:40 respectively.