Committee Nominations for 2021

As you know the AGM usually takes place in February each year and so nominations for places on the committee generally start around now.  For those of you who may not be aware, the committee make valuable contributions to the running of the club in addition to some non-committee members who often volunteer e.g. coaches, run leaders, marshalls at races. Without these, we would not be able to operate as a club. The commitment as a committee member can be as much as individuals feel they can manage and it is often acknowledged that members have busy lives and many other commitments. Usually, the time commitment is attendance (when possible) at monthly meetings which are currently on the second Tuesday of each month.

This year we have some notable places available for nomination, for a variety of reasons (work or study commitments and some have served on the committee for 10 years):
• Club Secretary
• Treasurer
• Vice Chair
• Ladies Team Captain
• Mens Team Captain
• Welfare officer
• Social media 
We would also welcome nominations from anyone keen to be an “ordinary member”.
It is really important that we can gather some interest from prospective new committee members as without the decision making and organisational element that a committee brings, we would not have a functioning running club.
If you wish to nominate yourself for a position use the form that has been emailed to you and also posted to our Facebook group. All nominees will be displayed on this page. Each nomination must be supported by a proposer and seconder, who must be 1st claim SWRR members.
Position Name Proposer Seconder
Ladies Team Captain Victoria Hill Paul Stidworthy Tim Vialls
Ladies Team Captain Leanne Perkins Donna Smith Julie Hedges
Mens Team Captain Paul Stidworthy Jonno Johnson Mark Tait
Welfare Officer Lee Cusick Anita Atherton Sarah Taffler
Treasurer Lawrence Atherton Mark Tait Anita Atherton
General Committee Member Maggie Gellersjo Paul Stidworthy Victoria Hill
Membership Officer Mark Tait Lawrence Atherton Paul Stidworthy