Our newly named “5 to 10K Progression Group is designed for runners who want something a bit more challenging than a Run Together Beginners group. If you can jog or run your way around parkrun (3 miles / 5k) or similar without stopping or walking, you’re fit enough to join this group.

We are offering a 7-week programme starting with “3.5 miles at the pace of the slowest runner” and building up to running for a full hour. The group operates alongside SWRR’s regular Wednesday club nights – so once you’ve completed the 7-week programme you should be ready to join one of our other, regular groups.

Our  next Group will be starting on Wednesday 01/11/2023

  • We will be meeting at the Arena from 6-30pm and will start running at 7pm – Please come to the Exeter Harriers Building
  • There is free car parking and bicycle racks on site
  • It will be £4 per session for non-club members
  • Please ensure that you wear light reflective clothing to run in.

Weeks 1 3.5 miles Week 2: 4 miles Week 3: 4.5 miles Week 4: 5 miles Week 5 5 miles Week 6 : 5.5 miles Week 7: 6 miles ending with a circuit on the track

Week 1 route: https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_5486248

Week 2 route:

Week 3 route:

Week 4 route: https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_5490057

Week 5 route: last week in reverse!

Week 6 route: https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_5492256

Week 7 route: https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_5493677

Our target race will be the First Chance 10K 07/01/2024

If you have any queries at any time, please feel free to message us.