SWRR Friday Social Run:

Our SWRR Friday Social Run meets outside the Harriers Building at 6-30pm.

Everyone is welcome.

There are no subs.

We aim to run for approximately one hour covering a distance of around 5 miles or thereabouts. 

Ideal if you want to end the working work with a run and can’t do Park Run the next day !!

SWRR Walk and Talk Group:

Message from Vice Chair Fern.


We are all aware of the physical health benefits both running and walking can have
for us and with Mental Health Awareness week approaching, movement can also
have a positive impact on our mental health. 


SWRR strives to be an inclusive club for everyone, and as such
we have recently introduced the SWRR
Walking Club
 to provide an opportunity to our members, (some who may
not be in the position to currently run), to meet in the fresh air with others,
and was a group, walk around Exeter catching up with others. 


This group is currently meeting on the last Friday of every
month, with the next walking group due to take place on the 26th April at 6pm,
the Harriers Building – 
everyone is welcome (partners, children, dogs


The walk will last for
around an hour and as I will be mapping out the route. I can guarantee there
will be no steep hills. Whilst the weather is still a bit hit and miss with
rain showers this month’s walk will be on pavements, with the aim in the summer
months to go off- track and take in some of the greener and quieter areas of





Dates for the diary  
May 31st 2024
June 28th 2024
July 26th 2024
August 30th 2024
September 27th 2024